This temporary site-specific, sound-based installation was created during a residency at Cultivamos Cultura in Sao Luis, Alentejo, Portugal. The residency took place in a walled in farming complex consisting of a large yard, some houses and several barn buildings. We did most of our work in the main barn, which was quite large. At one time the barn was used to produce olive oil.

We brought a basic kit of parts and tools and set up a provisional electronics workshop. We then worked as much as possible with local materials, found on site. Old farm implements, buckets, barrels and pipes were used as resonators. Lemons from the trees in the yard were made into batteries. The ample sunlight was used to run solar powered electronics.

We made many sound producing devices. They work independently, but simultaneously. Throughout the set-up, we considered the architectural elements of the barn, using as them cues for organizing the different objects we used.

Detailed Breakdown
There are two distinctive types of sounds: drones, produced by 2 long wires (piano strings) stretched across the barn which are punctuated by arrhythmic clicking and popping sounds.

Strings: One long string is stretched vertically from the ceiling to a large barrel on the floor. The barrel is weighted with bricks to tension the string, and also serves as a resonator. The other string is stretched horizontally, under the hayloft, between large wooden struts. Various metal implements lean or hang on the string: a heavy shovel, eavestroughs, a bucket etc. They serve as resonators and also as tension devices. The strings are "played" by oscillating electromagnets, in the same manner as Vibrations and Waves.

Clicks and pops: The clicks and pops come from minimalist, low power oscillator circuits. They are running on solar power and lemon batteries. They are set to oscillate at low frequencies through small loudspeakers. This has the effect of making faint clicking sounds, every so often. The faint sounds are greatly amplified when the speakers are placed in or on some kind of resonator. We used rusted barrels, drain pipes and other things we found in the barn as resonators.

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