A RCA & Imperial College London Double Master's Solo Project by Mohammed N. Daud.

This project is aimed at the social cause of helping and sustaining rural farmers in developing nations. I visited Pakistan in the midst of a security crisis in order to carry out user-centred research and identify the problem. As a result, I found that farmers depend heavily on hoes to weed and maintain their crops. This is a much-dreaded activity as it leads to severe back problems, and yet the tool remains ancient and unchanged. I have designed an innovative solution, the Stephoe™, which adapts to the existing hoe but revolutionizes its use. It is a simple, effective and disruptive innovation.

The Stephoe™ is supported by the PAS social enterprise which aims to support rural farmers in developing countries by connecting people who are interested in farming and similar activities in more developed parts of the world.

Further details will be updated soon.

Thank you for visiting.

contact: info@stephoe.com

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