ARDI 3D hungarian music video by Kimera Production, originally uploaded by Gyro Tod, who allowed me to bring it to trueColor3D.

Filmed on a JELLO 3D dual Canon 5D MARK II camera system.

View this version on a high res smartphone (i.e. iPhone4) using either a Hasbro my3D or a TOYin3D viewer.

Find other versions of this music video here: Flat (2D) Anaglyph (falseColor3D) trueColor3D over/under for iPad and other tablets glasses-free on iPad using GRilli3D mask film trueColor3D over/under for normal LCDs Squashed side-by-side (download and play on StereoPlayer.exe)

You can create trueColor3D videos too with the open source toolset you find here :

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