This is a test for the Jello Effect in my Casio Ex FH100 high speed video camera. Camera settings: Manual, 240fps, 1/10,000s, ISO 3200?

To advance or go back a single frame HOLD SHIFT KEY & USE RIGHT & LEFT ARROW KEYS.

The object was a straight bar made by putting retro- reflective tape (3M 03456C) across the diameter (31 mm) of a disc. The bar extends across about 64% of the height of the frame. To darken the disc black plastic tape was put on the rest of the disc. The disc was mounted in a Dremel tool and rotated at a nominal rate of 20,000 RPM or 330 RPS. With frame rate of 240fps the disc rotated more than 1 revolution between frames. A very intense flashlight next to the camera was used for illumination of the retro-reflective tape.

Under these conditions the image of the straight bar appeared to split into two or three separate & very curved parts. The width of the bar was also widened considerably due to the 1/10,000s shutter speed.

This is an example of extreme distortion from Jello Effect. Motions this rapid should not normally be encountered, for example, in sports motions.

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