From 5.29.07:
"'You Only Live Once' was always the best song on the album. Its video, however, opens with 'Ize of the World', which suddenly sounds kinda right as a soundtrack to fast-forward images of bustling escalators, rising gas prices, and an eclipse complete with 2001 monolith. Nuclear holocaust ensues; Jimmy Carter gets sampled. Luckily, New York's rock royals are preserved on a rocket ship bound for Sirius, part of a digital archive of life on Earth. As various video monitors tell future species about sex, war, and religion, the holographic Strokes perform on board, sometime in the 420th century.

After detouring through either a Pink Floyd laser show or a wormhole, the video somehow ends with leather-clad Julian Casablancas & co. back safely in 1977. Punk rock. We shit you not. " - Marc Hogan

Director: Warren Fu
VFX: Louis Katz, Warren Fu & Laundry Design
Producers: Chris Noviello, Steve Jang, Warren Fu
Client: RCA Records / imeem

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