A work by Valentina Ciarapica and Claudia Rossini.
short-movie, 13', HD, color/sound, Italy 2011
Realized for the project Angolazioni Urbane and supported by Assessorato alle Politiche Giovanili e Pace del Comune di Venezia - Municipalità di Marghera.
Projected at BJCEM Biennal of Mediterranean 2011, Venice Film Meeting 2011, Santorini Biennal 2012.

Inspired by William Gibson piece “Thirteen Views of A Cardboard City” (1997), this site-specific work tells the story of one eye, indeed of 13 looks, all turned towards a multi-faceted territory in a continuous evolution: the Venice industrial area.

Extract from vegapark.ve.it: “VEGA - VEnice GAteway for Science and Technology - is one of the most important Science and Technology Parks in Italy active in the most advanced sectors of technological innovation: Nanotechnologies, Information Communication Technology (ICT), and the Green Economy.It is located in a strategic geographical position, in the heart of North East Italy, close to Venice’s historical centre, to “Marco Polo” international airport and to the most important infrastructures on water and earth.
VEGA is the example of Porto Marghera’s riqualification, one of the most extended European industrial areas (more than 2.000 hectares).
VEGA promotes the realization of technological platforms and laboratories of innovation in order to ease the technological transfer from the research world to the sector of production, cooperating with associations of enterprises.
People that work at VEGA live in a new urban neighborhood of the city of Venice, a modern and high quality ambient provided with infrastructures and new technological equipment.”

We tried to watch this new reality from 13 different points of view.
The work is divided in 13 chapters. Each one refers to a piece of science fiction literature from the beginning/middle of the XX century: William Gibson, Isaac Asimov, Dino Buzzati, Italo Calvino and minors authors.
We invite the spectatorship to consider new criterias of planning the city, just finding them in the past.

Voice over: Giuliana Racco
Audio recording: Davide Dall'Acqua
Soundscapes: Francesco Scarpa
Special thanks to: Giulia Bini, Cinzia Delnevo, Elena Petrosino, Alessandro Bellinato, Alvise Giacomazzi, Carlo Tinti, Elena Cardillo, Andrea Pertoldeo and the VEGA staff members.

For more info about the artists please visit the websites:
Claudia Rossini yamadahanako.org
Valentina Ciarapica valentinaciarapica.com

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