Drools Planner optimizes automated planning.

It solves use cases such as:

- bin packing: filling containers, trucks, ships, cloud computer nodes
- vehicle/freight/people routing: planning trucks, trains, airplanes, travelling salesmen, repairmen
- employee shift rostering: rostering nurses, repairmen
- agenda scheduling: scheduling courses, exams, conference presentations, maintenance jobs, advertisements
- job shop scheduling: planning assembly lines for building cars, devices
- cutting stock: cutting paper, steel, carpet
- sport scheduling: planning football leagues, baseball leagues

This presentation will:

- demonstrate some of the use cases and their Drools Planner examples.
- explain some of the characteristics of these problems, known as NP-complete or NP-hard problems, such as the very surprising search space size.
- talk about how Drools Planner handles these problems.
- show how Drools Planner optimizes a lot further than common implementations.

For more information about Drools Planner take a look at the homepage:

Presenter: Geoffrey De Smet

Geoffrey is a Software Engineer at Red Hat. He's the Drools Planner lead, since he founded it in 2006. He has over 8 years of Java experience and recently joined Red Hat to work on Drools, Guvnor and Planner.

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