What Happens when two YogaSlackers and a film maker, who had all sorts of plans to shoot great adventure footage in Red Rocks Canyon get skunked by the weather? This happens.

Wandering around the Strip for 3 hours until 4 am, trying to find somewhere to set up a line for long enough to walk on, and not get shut down. Random Acrobatics along the way to see what kind of responses we get, just for fun.

Just took a Pentax K-5 and DA 16-50/2.8 lens with me and spare cards/batteries. Everything shot hand held. We mostly kept moving around, trying to find a location for the line and trying not to get in trouble; and throwing down some acro along the way. Everything was shot super fast, in probably 1-3 takes. Weren't trying to make a masterpiece, just having some fun!


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