Done for the first project of the second year of art school, semester 1.
The project guidelines were that we had to make a movie in the style of a videogame, either as a machinima or with game-style elements.

My short animated film portrays the concept of getting an idea and developing it through the style of a Pokemon battle.

[This is still somewhat incomplete, and I may upload the finished version in the future]

Inspired by Pokemon battles from the gameboy series, and also a gif created by an unknown artist commonly referred to as 'political pokemon'. (If anyone knows the original creator, please let me know and I'll provide a link.)

Made using PhotoShopCS5 and iStopmotion.

Concept, art, characters, sfx © Kit Richardson, 2011
Original battle style and animation © Pokemon, Nintendo, Game Freak
Music and sfx © Nintendo, Game Freak

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