The next generation computing platform will be driven by the rapidly growing proliferation of multi-core computing mobile devices, where everything is connected and where the elastic capabilities of the cloud are pervasive and required.

Our live demonstration includes multiple servers, workstations and mobile devices. We setup a network using equipment you can purchase at your local electronics store and built a mini-datacenter for the stage. We required WIFI connectivity, internet access, a live Twitter stream, audience participation and even managed to avoid system failure while "pulling the plug" on one of our servers. In short, we pulled off something miraculous, a maximum risk, live demonstration and lived to tell (actually tweet) about it!
Key Proof points:

- lightweight & embeddable - you will want to cram as many applications on the smallest possible machines
- adaptable & available - you will need it to be highly elastic but also fault-tolerant
- real-time - we live in a world where decisions must be made instantly

Key technologies:

- HTML5 - for real-time visualization of an elastic data grid (Infinispan)
- Mobile web - all UIs were mobile web ready - demonstrated on iOS and Android devices
- JSF2 and RichFaces4 - with real-time server-side push to the browser
- Infinispan - All data held in the data grid - no database, NoSQL
- Hibernate OGM (Object Grid Mapper) - even though there is no database, we can still access the data grid as if it were a relational database, using JPA and Hibernate
- Drools - the data stream analyzer, allows us to sort the important and actionable information from the raw stream of data.
- CDI - Contexts and Dependency Injection - the programming model of EE6 and JBoss
- GWT and Errai - extending the CDI event model from the server out to the client

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