This is a film I did cinematography and camerawork on for a 48 Hour Film Contest for a local festival in Beaumont, TX in February of 2011. We came up with the idea, shot it, and edited it in 48 hours. Due to computer problems, we missed the deadline just barely, but we still got the film screened at the festival.

This was shot on my Canon T2i with the kit lens and we used my Zoom h4n for the audio. The audio levels are a little low at times, so you might wanna turn the volume up a little bit. This was the first time any of us had used the Zoom.

The story is basically about a girl who hasn't accepted the fact that her husband/boyfriend/mate has died and that he's still very real to her and still exists in her mind. Let me know what you think. Credits for cast and crew are in the movie as well.

I do NOT own the music or the rights to the music as well.

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