Making a vine in illustrator, inspired by QuintalDesigns viewer “RJ”, Ryan goes through the steps of creating a brush in Adobe Illustrator to use for any leafy needs you may have. It’s the pen tool, the rotate tool, and the brush palette. In the end, it’s a pattern brush. The special request was written for the purpose of doing a “United Nations” like logo. The original email below:

Hello Ryan,

I like your filmstrip tutorial clear and easy to follow nice work.

I wanted to ask you a question. I am trying to recreate the leaf shape in the united nations logo just for fun and am not get the result i need. I was wondering if you could provide me a guide on how to do this. I am thinking i would use a brush or something and make it follow the path. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Thanks for watching RJ, this one’s for you!

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