"Beachless" is an animated short film about a man going to the beach. His attempts for an empty spot are in vain since either the beach is overcrowded or his over-consuming habits prevent him from finding space to relax.

The story is a humorous comment on our contemporary society’s over-consuming habits, it suggests that the long-lasting assumption that acquisitions improve our lives and make us happier is not true. It is when we realize which are our true needs that we find the way to happiness. Beachless’ design is referencing the era when the term consumer was born, the 1950s and 1960s. It is a combination of the Modern Design cartoons –with elements such as visible outlines and color that follows the lines loosely– with the contemporary 3d animation style.

Created at the Center for Advanced Digital Applications - School of Continuing & Professional Studies - New York University.

• 6th New York Greek Film Festival, Fall 2012
• 9th San Francisco Greek Film Festival, May 2012
• 2nd Be There! Corfu Animation Festival, March-April 2012.
• 7th Animfest Athens, March 2012.
• 23rd Trieste Film Festival, January 2012.
• 4th London Greek Film Festival, October 2011.
• 6th International Cyprus Film Festival, October 2011.
• Animasyros 4.0 International Animation Festival + Forum, September 2011.
• 1st Digital Film Festival Athens, July 2011. Honorable Mention.

Music (used with permission)
to glenti – with Kiriaki Spanou, music and lyrics by Nikos Oikonomidis (oikonomidis music)
again - composed by moby (mobygratis)
improvisation on toubelekia – performed by Andreas Papas and Vangelis Karipis (fm records)


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