After 5 minutes of fame Andy Warhol prophesied, power, success, what can a man want?
Become a superman.
Then there is the possibility of everyone in the future to have their 5 minutes of divinity.
The company SemiseCedi give the opportunity to become a superman with the EVON, an extraordinary remote control that gives the ability to watch television of 9:16 instead to 16:9.
The vertical format is what most unites the gods because pushes asceticism.
So here is that buying the Evon everyone can enjoy his moment of Supernatural.

Director: Maya Rota Klein
Director of photography: Luca Bragagnolo
Scriptwriter: Maya Rota Klein, Davide Fasolo
Camera operator: Gianpietro Nadalutti
Set designer and Location Manager: Paolo Rota
Runner: Davide Rota
Editing: Maya Rota Klein

Thanks for the theatrical group "La Loggia" for the location.

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