What makes a creative mind tick? And what does a creative's life look like on an A3 sheet of paper? In the web serie "From Sketch", the Berlin based Zentrale Intelligenz Agentur follows together with their partner "Interview Magazine" dynamic figures from the art scene as they work asking them to visualize and illustrate their projects and business models in a simple sketch commented in an interview.

Season one – episode 4: Régine Debatty

A teacher of Latin and Ancient Greek, a TV travel magazine presenter, a documentary filmmaker, a radio reporter and an advisor to the EU Commission on its "MEDIA" programme: Régine Debatty was once all this and more, but she has unceasingly been one thing in particular, and that is quite simply bored. In any case she was all of these things before starting her blog called we make money not art. She initially viewed the blog as something designed more for herself than anyone else, using it as a means of documenting and archiving the web research she conducted on new media art. Nevertheless, we make money not art soon became a popular internet hot-spot. Her persistence in pursuing what genuinely interests her has not only freed her from her interminable boredom, but it has also brought thousands of eager readers and ultimately even advertisers to her site. She has since taken on blogging full-time and become a highly sought-after expert on the subjects the blog focuses on, ranging from new media art and robotics to nanotechnology and biotech art. One thing that hasn't changed is her strategy of having no strategy at all. She instinctively goes where her interests lead her, and she doesn't waste time bothering to hate anything. The success of her approach speaks for itself: we make money not art has received numerous awards and continues to serve as a reference for art enthusiasts, journalists and art specialists. Régine herself now sees blogging as a part of her very DNA. Splitting her time between homes in Turin, Italy and Brussels, Belgium, she also writes for a variety of European art and design magazines, curates art exhibitions and holds lectures internationally at festivals and conferences on how artists, hackers and interaction designers are using and transforming technology.

Produced by Zentrale Intelligenz Agentur for ARTE Creative.

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