Sometimes under the ice, you can find lost civilizations, alien spaceships and other creatures from a distant age. But you can also find some lost explorers, doomed by their boldness, their bodies trapped in the ice, very much like the bodies trapped in the hot ashes of the Mount Vesuvius, their frozen state witnesses the terrible fate of one of them.

I actually had this stupid idea after doing a timelapse of my fridge defrosting:

And I thought: why not putting my Indiana Jones Lego Minifig and another random Minifig [still an explorer, though less glamorous. Let's call him Doctor Livingstone] to trapped in the ice and then shooting the next defrosting, revealing them. And then I remembered that I had those skeletons minifigs I got with the Well of the Souls set from Lego. Maybe I could swap Indy's hat, whip and bag with him and saying that Indy has been eaten by the Doctor Livingstone before being himself trapped and buried in the ice.
I then waited for three or four month at least to have the ice forming a real nice tight block in my freezer compartment and then I timelapsed this puppy melting.

It's slightly frustrating because when I shot it and decided I had enough of the actual revealing shot, I positioned the camera to get a nice overhead shot to reveal the skeleton a little better. Right after the first frame of that new shot, the two blocks of ice hanging above the minifigs fell, moving them around and creating and error in continuity. I tried to do some damage control by holding the first frame I had for a few seconds, but the transition to the next frame is still quite harsh, but there is not much I can do about it apart from shooting another timelapse entirely, but that will take another 4 month to have the ice forming back. Plus, don't tell my landlord, but my fridge broke down a week after, I suspect it might have to do with the formation of the ice. It's amazing how not efficient a fridge can be when there is that much ice in the freezer compartment. But it can be circumstantial.

Hope you'll enjoy that, because I felt it was nice to have something of a narrative timelapse, usually they don't tell any story.

EDIT: Changed the soundtrack a little bit, added some sound effects of melting ice and icy wind. Il also changed the ending with a black and white grading,

EDIT2: I knew there was something more I could do. On my way back from work, in the coldness of the southern hemisphere winter, I got an idea that was so obvious that I am amazed I haven't thought of it earlier. I changed the particle stream into a real snow storm. I also added the frame to make it look even more like old photos.

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