About Sidewalk Symphonies: Remember your earplugs!

Most musicians start their careers in their rooms, basements and on the dingy stages of unknown bars. Some are lucky enough to make it to the big stage while others talents will remain only known to their loyal followers. We want to go back to where it all began, when the music comes first and fame was only a distant dream.
Our vision is to make this experience easily available to music enthusiasts from the comfort of their own home. The portal is not only a tribute to music but also to the people behind it. The creative souls –the sound technicians, camera operators, and snappers etc - all the people who work hard to catch that special moment that they want to share with the world.

About the session:
One take (live)
Filmed by Christian krickhahn
Directed by Simon Hansen

An axiomatic musical talent - whose eagerness will help him progress along with his fellow band member and gifted guitarist Frede Panduro. Despite being only 26, Patrick has been an active musician playing at several venues all around the country. Whether he performs his songs in acoustic sparse venues or he plays alongside his backing band –Patrick always showcases an engaging intensity and large credibility.

For a long period of time, we here at Sidewalk Symphonies wanted to create a session with Patrick Alexander. After an extended engaging period, we agreed on the perfect spot for our session. Patrick decided to rekindle his roots…

As a result, we created a session in a dinghy in the iconic river “Gudenåen”. Patrick with his acoustic guitar and his guitarist Frede Panduro on electric guitar connected to a car battery. For a moment the time stopped... The result was beyond any of our expectations...

Sadly, honest and hardworking musician are being neglected as they don’t want to become the by-product of some avaricious record company with no musical integrity and respect for, what is unquestionably an art form.Indeed,Patrick Alexander sings pop music, however, it is pop with soul, well-thought lyrics and a penetrating passion for his songs. A pop-revolution is needed - and we only hope that Patrick Alexander can contribute to the inception of such a revolution.

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