Video from the rioting in downtown Vancouver after the Stanley Cup Finals game...

Video by Christine McAvoy

Song "Wilderness Eyes" by 41st and Home (

A Message From 41st and Home:

"We at 41st and Home are proud Vancouverites and, like the majority of our citizens, were shocked and outraged by the events of June 15. The unfounded vandalism, violence and disregard for our city was disgraceful, unsportsmanlike and above all, un-Canadian. This footage, and the accompanying music, is in no way a celebration of what transpired.

‘Wilderness Eyes’ is a song about fearing the onset of adulthood and finding escape by reverting to a primitive, animalistic state. As seen here, when art imitates life, things can sometimes get ugly. This is not a music video, rather an honest documentation of the events as they unfolded.

Our close friend Christine McAvoy was present for the riots and managed to capture the images you see here; thanks to her for her bravado and for the brilliant editing.

Thanks to the Vancouver Police and all those who stood up against these idiots. Let’s treat this as a lesson and never let anyone give our city a bad name again."

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