Project: Jetix UK Channel - Jetix Xmas Bumper
Agency: Walt Disney Jetix - United Kingdom
Production Company: Weareseventeen - United Kingdom
Director: Weareseventeen - United Kingdom

Background: Jetix is a children's television programming brand owned by The Walt Disney Company. Jetix UK commissioned weareseventeen to create title ident for their Xmas Bumpers.

How we did it: We created the music score to be bubbly fun and energized xmas feel. The sound design created represents the physical movements of the objects, the passing of graphical elements in the clip, the objects as they slot into place and adds a sense of weight to them as they rotate, whizz past and build up.

Sounds we created include: Music, Owl Hoot, Xmas Bells, Windy Atmos, Block Physics SFX, Whizzes, Swooshes, Transforming Cottage, Lights Pass-by.

Music & Sound by:

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