It's the question every college student is asking: "what am I going to do with my life?!"

To help you answer that question, consider this:
> The average human lives for 67 years
> Human history as we know it has existed for 6000 years
> The average full-length movie is 105 minutes
> SO... If history was a movie, the average human would live for 70 seconds

Jan 11 - Mar 8, 2009, TCBCcolllege will be looking at various aspects of your life, asking "how can I use this for God?" And we're thrilled to be able to bring in experts in each of these fields to address the different aspects of life, as they encourage you, "don't waste your...
...talent" (Mark Philpot, Trinity Chapel worship pastor)" (Ben Connelly, TCBCcollege pastor)
...personality" (Matt Hudson, Creative Guru, Penumbra Group)
...job/major" (Jeremy Dietrich, co-owner, Dietrich Bros Lawn Services)
...pain" (Greg Cook, Soul Care pastor, CCBC)
...story" (Ben & Midweek Group leaders)" (Afshin Ziafat, & pastor/author John Piper)

More info, dates, promo materials, video, and audio available here:

So come back to Fort Worth a day before class starts for Spring '09, spread the news across campus, and don't miss a single week of "70 SECONDS!"

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