So here it is - the full film of our journey with Article22.

The idea all stemmed from a conversation we'd been having about how we could allow our young directors the chance to make a film that could be truly theirs, in addition we'd also wanted to experiment with crowdsourced funding on A lot of people are talking about how new funding methods could change the way films are made, so we thought that rather than just talking about it, we'd put our balls on the line and do it for real. No better way to learn eh?

We just needed a wonderful story to bring the two together.

Step up Article22, run by two sisters, Elizabeth and Wallis Suda, New Yorkers with an amazing project peaceBOMB, which turns scrap metal from the 200m + bombs dropped by the US on Laos during the 60's and 70's into bracelets that can be sold back to the US and other markets.

To see the full story and get a better overview of the great work that Article 22 and the NGOs are doing in Laos, check out the original Kickstarter page here.

This trailer teases the short film that director Sam Rowland will be finishing in the next few weeks and has led to us being asked to talk at the Guardian Activate Summit on June 22nd as well as the PeaceBOMB bracelet being given out at TED conferences.

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