Audio by Max Mohenu of Diamond Atlas (, visuals by Dino Rossi, created for The FMLY (

Track list:
Autre Ne Veut - Loveline
Active Child - Take Shelter
Stewrat - The Key
Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross - Blacks
d' Eon - Transparency (How To Dress Well Rework)
Kuhrye-oo - Not Feeling The Love (R.Kells 'Trapped In The Closet Lodge' Cover)
Rimar - Higher Ground

Autre Ne Veut -
Active Child -
Stewrat -
Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross -
d' Eon -
Kuhrye-oo -
Rimar -

The footage comes from various films by Lutz Mommartz including:
Flügelschlagen (1976)
mehr als zwei (1978)
Schattenkur (1979)
Der Garten Eden, Parts 1 & 2 (?)
Tango durch Deutschland (?)
Marmor bleibt immer kühl (?)

More information on Lutz Mommartz can be found at:

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