Creativity is worth billions to businesses - and not just to the bosses of the holding companies. Yet we tend to shy away from understanding how creativity works and how we can make it better, as if enquiring too deeply into its black box process may render it less effective.

But just as Draftfcb has been casting new light on consumer decision-making through a deeper understanding of the behavioural and neurosciences through their Institute of Decision Making, they have also started to appreciate what the same sciences can tell us about creativity.

Laurence Boschetto, CEO and President of Draftfcb, welcomes Jonah Lehrer, best-selling author of 'How We Decide' and the soon-to-be-published 'Imagine: How Creativity Works,' and Matthew Willcox, Executive Director of the Institute of Decision Making and Director of Strategic Planning at Draftfcb San Francisco, to discuss the symbiotic relationship between the artist and scientist.

They demonstrate how the tension between science and art can offer unexpected creative solutions that inspire consumers to act in the critical 6.5 Seconds That MatterSM.

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