'Home' is an artistic collaboration between two New Zealand creatives, singer / songwriter Hazel Boot and independent filmmaker Richard Sidey, in response to the Christchurch Earthquakes, where the two artists have called home. Filmed entirely on a makeshift pinhole camera, the video was recorded on the Pacific coast in Sydney, looking over the ocean towards New Zealand. The next day Richard edited the footage onboard a 3-hour flight back to Christchurch, 12,000 feet above the Tasman Sea.

"It's about feeling at home In your own skin and about feeling really grounded" Hazel describes. "It's about being in an unsettling experience but knowing that all is well."

Making the Pinhole Camera & Video:

The pinhole camera was constructed with a Canon SLR camera body, minus the lens, some tinfoil, sellotape and pin-sized holes to create an aperture. The diamater, shape and multitude of pinholes was varied throughout the recording of the music video, creating an original array of in-camera effects with light manipulation, layering and flaring. Aside from basic editing, absolutely no filters, colour grading or special effects have been applied in post production.


Video : Richard Sidey
Music : Hazel Boot
Still Photography : Aliscia Young
Date of Production : June 2011

Available in HD 1080i

More information on the making of this video can be found at

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