Anonymous Operation Orlando - Press Release

June 21, 2011

Hello Orlando this is Anonymous --

We would like to thank all the media for doing such a lovely job of raising this issue to a global level. We hope you continue to follow Op Orlando on our special Twitter feed located @

For clarity, we are mostly standing for Food Not Bombs free speech rights, if nuns were feeding we don't think this would be happening. It is the FNB message that you don't like, and we see this as just another back-handed attempt at censorship.

This being a censorship issue we do not need Food Not Bombs permission to join in this fight. We have plenty of credentials in the area of fighting for free information and speech.

And when it does come to the food issue, we stand with NIETHER Food Not Bombs nor the City of Orlando. No, we stand with the hungry people. The Mayor says they have other options, but it seems self evident that people who stand in lines 50 or 100 deep for a hunk of bread and bowl of soup are HUNGRY. The public space being used to peacefully offer them food is a human right you must not interfere with.

Anonymous is reasonable. We are not here to harm, but to help. We will therefore be generous and call a 48 hour cease fire in Op Orlando. We have made our point. We call on the City of Orlando to reciprocate in this cease fire and not arrest anyone for feeding in the park for 48 hours.

We highly encourage everyone especially the City of Orlando to re-assess their positions. Let calm heads and open hearts prevail and peace and justice rule your community. Don't let Orlando become known for being on the wrong side of human rights, or on the wrong side of history.

We Are Everywhere - We Are Legion - We Never Forget - We Never Forgive - Expect Us

SIGNED -- Anonymous

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