Real time generated graphics for two large-scale multi-projector set-ups.

When a big company like the OMV hosts employee events, thousands of people gather to be informed, wowed and entertained. Vienna based event agency Erlebnismarketing approached Strukt to create real time generated graphics built out of photographs of all attendees. Their pictures were taken on site and just shortly before they had to be displayed.

Despite of the challenge to create a workflow to feed the VVVV patch with thousands of photographs within less than half an hour, also the technical set-up was something Strukt has not encountered up to that event.

The first event in March 2011 was equipped with a 84 meter wide screen using 8 projectors to display 15360 (Minus some overlap fore edge-blending) by 1080 pixels. Strukt used a VVVV-boygroup Set-up of 2 output PCs and 1 control PC to generate a fluid real time animation of a particle and picture universe. Additionally, during the first event, guests were able to sign a digital guestbook. Their messages were shown live on the screens and kept also in an analog way.

The second event in June 2011 took everything to a higher level. 42 HD projectors were used as tandems (so 2 projectors for every segment of the screen) to fill a 245 meter wide screen. The VVVV-boygroup set-up had to grow adequately and so Strukt used 6 PCs to play back the real time animated photo mosaic and one PC as a control server. With a total width of over 40.000 pixels this definitely set a record in Austria up to this point.


Client: OMV
Event Agency: Erlebnismarketing GmbH
Agency Project Managers: Matthias Wenny, Katharina Friess
Events: Farewell Goodbye for Wolfgang Ruttenstorfer and OMV Vienna Summit 2011
Project Managers: Gregor Hofbauer, Thomas Hitthaler
Technical Director: Thomas Hitthaler
VVVV Programmer: Robi Hammerle
On-Location Support: Niko Knappe, Wolfgang F. Maier
Dokumentation: Wolfgang F. Maier, Gregor Hofbauer
Guestbook Hardware: Tanja Tomic, Helmut Klar
Video Set-Up: Neumann & Müller
Additional PC Hardware: Satis&Fy

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