Filmed by Life Stage Films
"One of the top 25 Event Filmmakers in the World" - EventDV Magazine

Fripp Island, SC

It doesn't get much cooler than having your wedding at sunset on the beautiful SC marshes and coastline where they filmed Forest Gump, G.I. Jane and Prince of Tides! It also doesn't get much cooler for us to be present not only at a wedding where WE are treated as their friends and family, but to witness a ceremony and celebration that SCREAMS....Love. Everyone was a part of this day for Andy & Paige, (who have nicknames of their own - see: toasts in film). It was refreshing to see the excitement from everyone, ESPECIALLY in the toasts. Having toasts read and spoken from the heart like you'll see in this wedding film, are one of the most VALUABLE reasons to get a wedding film. Loved that we captured these fleeting words. We must admit, we had a soft soft for Andy's son, and one of the best groomsmen we have met, Braedon. Andy's love for baseball was such a nice personal touch to this wedding. You can see Braedon's baseball cuff links cut from ACTUAL baseball leather. Awesome.

Our favorite ingredients to this wedding? The band, Groovetown. Quality entertainment and not just music. They make a party happen. We LOVED that Paige wanted to include Super 8mm film into her film. Don't you feel the nostalgia already setting in?! And working with Jeremie Barlow Photography was such a relief as we were able to bounce creative ideas off each other. You have got to check out Jeremie's photos and moments she captured on her blog post HERE. Team work for Paige and Andy! Lastly, the sun and the weather helped us create a wedding film for this new family that made colors pop like never before. You can tell we had a "hay-day" with the sunset and fireflies!

Thanks so much Andy & Paige, for including us in your celebration, AND for the INCREDIBLE wine! For those wine lovers out there, Paige and Andy have their own wine and you can visit their winery out in California! Check out Lambert Bridge. Do it! Best red I've ever had.

Enjoy the highlights film you kids! :) It was an honor.

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