I fell in love with Burrows when I first heard their song "Hygenocide", a quirky song about being absolutely clean. It's the lyrics that I adore, of course their musicianship is also amazing.

I met up with Desiree and Liam at Pie-IX metro and headed towards the Olympic Stadium. I pointed to a spot saying "Hey! That's where Land of Talk and La Blogotheque filmed their shoot!". We wisely decided not to film in the same location, but rather a few steps away from there..

Burrows currently has a album out titled "Porcupine Hill", and I highly suggest you check it out! Have fun on your VIA rail performances!

For our 30th session, Burrows performs "Elephant Shoes".


Filmed by Phil Creamer
June 17th 2011, Montreal, QC


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