Jennifer Grassman is a force of nature. This talented singer-songwriter has a gift for fusing diverse elements of classical, Celtic, gothic and rock styles into a beautiful, moving genre all her own.

Pretty Girls, Jennifer Grassman's first music video, is a surreal, dark and beautiful homage to women through the centuries and the joys and dangers that their beauty has drawn into their lives. This music video (produced by TLM Productions and Zenfilm) explores the darkness and light in this hauntingly beautiful song.

Filmed in and around a 150 year old rural farmhouse outside of Richmond, Texas, Pretty Girls captures dramatic and dangerous moments in the lives of pretty girls past and present. The narrative is intercut with dynamic performance footage of Jennifer Grassman filmed in Studio A of 'The Abbey Road of the South', historic SugarHill Studios, in Houston.

The video takes the viewer on an interesting trip through time examining the way social morals affecting women have changed so drastically, yet in a way, haven't changed that much at all. The relationship between men and women of the Victorian age, the 1950's, and the present may all seem radically different, but people, at their very core haven't really changed that much.

Fashions change, technologies change, but emotions, desire, and the baser instincts have been the same for many years. All the Pretty Girls past and present are cautioned, and at the same time celebrated, in this video.

The award winning team of Executive Producer Merideth Melville and Director W. Ross Wells worked together with Dan Workman and Andrew Amelang of TLM Productions to bring this project to the screen. Pretty Girls was lensed at SugarHill by Cinematographer Wayne Forster and in Richmond by Cinematographer Raul Casares. The production was also made possible by the generous support of Panavision Houston, MC Lighting and Production Services, Gaffers Rolf Eberlein and Troy Webb, Key Grip David Zenteno, and Best Boy Michael Turrin. Still photography and art department services were provided by Everett Taasevigen. The entire show was under the command of Unit Production Manager Jarrod Gullett and First Assistant Director Tracy Jemison, both of Zenfilm.

There was a tremendous amount of work done by the artist herself and her talented family, evidence of which is apparent in every scene: art direction, costume design, and properties were all undertaken by the talented Grassman clan.

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