Whether speaking for militants and soldiers squaring off on the front lines, or for civilians caught in between, he shoulders a camera and a responsibility to transmit stories. By documenting conflicts the world over, Ben Khelifa transmits messages in the hopes of starting a conversation, one that could lead to lasting resolutions.

He's troubled when he can’t communicate, like when an editor misrepresents his photograph in a magazine with a reckless caption, or when money dries up and he's forced to cut his storytelling short.

In response to these frustrations, Ben Khelifa co-founded emphas.is, a crowdfunding website that directly connects visual journalists to their audience. Photographers can pitch their projects to the public through the site and, if concerns and interests are shared, get their stories funded and told.

As each project develops, the photographer sends news and updates to his or her backers, who can write back and continue the conversation.

By co-founding emphas.is, Ben Khelifa provides an outlet for unfiltered news, and raises the volume of the storyteller's voice. See: TakePart.com

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