Thesis Film made in the second half of the 1-year Diploma of Screen & Media course in 2009.

Tag Line: Music can be terrifying

Sweat takes place in a late night carpark where a lone woman’s mind wanders as shadows dart. Is she really alone at all? The music swells as the stalker reveals themself. Much to the woman’s confusion, it’s far from what she expects.

Director’s Statement:
The inspiration for Sweat's concept came from a dream I’ve had many years ago. A dream that was strange enough to write down at the time. I must have recently watched Spielberg's Jaws because I was on a beach surrounded by sand dunes, and something was stalking me assisted by the classic Jaws theme. drrrr dn drrrrr dn. Instead of an oversized shark, a band of violinists playing their own menacing music were hiding behind bushes.

Tacoma Film Festival, USA 2011
Down Under Berlin Film Festival: New Talents Showcase, Berlin Germany 2012

TV Broadcasting and DVD releases:
Goolarri TV (a small community tv station in Broome, Western Australia) screens Sweat (2011)
French TV broadcaster Ma Chaine Etudiante (MCE TV) screens Sweat (2011)

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