By Christopher Lees
Sound by Tom Hobson

A short film, using 3d and 2d animation, which explores a future earth where the everything is city and the natural world no longer exists.

"The sun means nothing to us as we toil in our endless city beneath the wasted crusted of the earth. We dig toward the core forever. Here in the distant future nothing remains of your civilisation except the hallowed Trocadero Centre. It reigns with iron fists resculpting the world at will, its fecund imagination made flesh at the merest thought. Over aeons the Trocadero mutated into the spider-city Funland and set sail across the seas of the dread Canal Dwellers.
Whilst the Printerhead Wasps are fervently building, and the Catvatars are doing whatever it is Catvatars do, the spider-city Funland has almost arrived at the decaying House of Fish..."

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