Student project. The video clip was originally made in 2005 by McCann Erickson and directed by Bruno Aveillan, for Unilever's Magnum 5 Senses ice-cream advertising campaign.
The author has no commercial interest. This is an original composition, all sounds are created by the author.
In the clip, shots change rapidly while taking the viewer into a journey of sensuality. Images call for a rhythm which isn't inherent. Music has the effect of slowing the image down, supporting it rather than competing with it.
The first attempt to score this clip involved sound effects linked to the image, which made the viewer hear the image instead of feeling it. That approach also diminished the sensuality of the image.
With the current solution there is a build up of tension created by the drum beats in synch with the change of shots, followed by an explosive second half slightly faster paced also synchronized with the changes on screen.
From a technical point of view, there was a lot of care given to the spatial dimension, creating an aural effect through constant movement of the instruments; lower notes coming from the left side morph into higher notes coming from the right side.
The only clearly audible sound effects employed come at the end, when the viewer should wake up and enjoy watching the ice-cream wrap itself, and then feel chilled by the Magnum logo.

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