Since so many producers are skeptical when deciding whether or not to use the GH2 over the 5D or 7D, I decided to cut together footage from 3 projects I'm working on that were shot on the GH2 to show them that, in the right hands, the camera can do almost anything u want it to do.

The anamorphic flares are generated by a homemade acrylic filter that sits in front of the lens, and creates those cool looking flares... Cost: $13 in 2mm acrylic and tools.

The bulk of these shots are on the Nikon 50mm with a .7 wide angle converter attached to compensate for the m43 sensor size. The wide shots are with the Nikon 24mm with the wide angle convertor, and the nunchucks shot is with Panasonic 14-42mm, again with the convertor.

The coolest thing about the Head of Death stuff is Sxv'lly's insistance on only using household lights, and flashlights to light the scenes. A challenge for sure, but it's a cool look.

Almost everything in this reel is straight out of the camera - no color correction. With the following exceptions: The 'Twilight' parody, the nunchuck shot, the first 2 shots in the Love or War section, and the corpse orgy shots were all color corrected in After FX for a little more punch using ColorGHear ( then, of course, the whole thing has been cropped 2.35:1.

Head of Death / Fisque (web series) Dir. Sxv'Leithen Essex
Breakin' Til Dawn (Trailer) Dir. Art Douglas
Love or War (Feature) Dir. Jenn Page

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