A Music video to the Track 'Want' by 'Recoil'

Soundtrack composed by Alan Wilder and Nicole Blackman.

An Experimental video created by Sophie Kenny, SNKFilms.

'Want' is a visual experience that combines many messages, both hidden and visible. It's core focus message is to portray the mass amount of society that resort to self destructive and addictive behaviours to deal with the false promises and ideals creates by 'The American Dream', the media and general society.

As my work is largely experimental, I do not like to explain it's full meaning - I prefer the viewer to decipher it to themselves. Please leave your interpretations of the film below if you wish - I would appreciate it.


1. STROBE LIGHTING IS USED IN THIS FILM, viewer discretion is advised.

2. Any scenes of drug use in the film are purely fictional, and the message portrayed through them is strictly un-glamourous.

3. Permission to use this soundtrack for this video has been granted by 'Recoil'.


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