"To'" is the Dine'or Navajo word for water.

The dance sequence in the video with the fervent and purely indigenous music is performed by
a member of the Itelmen Nation by Tatiana Degai. The tribe is an indigenous nation on the eastearn coast of Russia.

Water is in such great abundance there that it is honored by way of acknowledgement of the many living
beings, four legged, water and winged beings that reside there.  The dance she performs is a dance done by
the maidens along the shore of the the water.  It is an old one that is done in the presence of the single
young men of her people.  Tatiana's dance is placed in juxtaposition with the environment of the desert and the words of the Dine' actors/dancers who come from the arid climate of Arizona where water is prized since it is often times scarce.  

Water as celebration, as sustenance, as a dying relative
in this 21st century is honored as an ancient being comprised of pure spirit in this performance piece that engages the voice, movement
and music of Native people who currently reside in Tucson, Arizona.

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