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In the HBO series "Band of Brothers," there is a scene where SGT Don Malarkey is passing a group of German POW's and shouts to them "Where are you from boys!" And one of the POW's responds in perfect English "I'm from Eugene, Oregon." What the...what's an American doing in the German Army?

My feature/documentary is about the real life story of Oberjäger (Sergeant) Fred Treiber (1922-2008), a German-American, who's family immigrated to the USA in 1925. Fred grew up in New York City. He wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and become an opera singer. After completing high school, Fred won a full scholarship to the Berlin Music Conservatory in 1940. Unfortunately, shortly after going to Berlin and attending classes, Hitler shut down all non-essential schools. Fred was traveling under a German passport, and the US Consulate barred him from returning to New York. Consequently, he was conscripted into the German Army.

Being an avid skier and climber in his youth, Fred was assigned to the Gebirgsjägers (elite mountain troops) and ended up fighting on the Russian Front in the Caucasus Mountains. This scene takes place during a training climb in the Alps.

The cast and crew climbed up to about 10,000 feet elevation and overnighted on the mountain in the open during the 3 days of filming.

Bruno Weber
Albert Sangenis Crotogino
Sebastian Kloda
Michal Jurasz
Mariusz Ozga
Arthur Wojtyra
Patrick Kiser

Director/Cinematographer/Editor - Patrick Kiser
Mountain Guide/Assistant Director/Camera - Bruno Weber

"Bin Kein Hauptmann, Bin Kein Großes Tier"
(I'm No Officer, I'm No Hot Shot)
Comedian Harmonists (circa 1930s)
Creative Commons License

Lots of heavy period clothing & climbing gear
Canon 7D
Canon 35mm f2.0
52mm Fader ND Filter
Zacuto Z-Finder

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