Swedish IT-Entrepreneur Jonas Birgersson, a.k.a „broadband Jesus“, now talks about his start-up company ViaEuropa. ViaEuropa is about to revolutionize the telecom sector by putting a fiber cable beside the electrical cable and Via Europa’s ecosystem on top of it. The enduser can then choose any operator he wants. Birgersson, whose background is in Military Intelligence, points out that this is „a fully neutral, open system where the enduser is the winner. The only thing we do is to put away the strange structure of the telecom sector and build a normal marketplace. Everybody is invited to compete on equal terms. This is how it works in all other businesses except the telecom sector.“
ViaEuropa’s model is already fully proven in Scandinavia, but once it is proven outside of Scandinavia within the next one or two years, the telecoms will be in big trouble. So it is not astonishing that Jonas Birgersson is „one of the most hated people in the Telecom sector since many years“. But according to Birgersson „ it’s about reinventing ideas - if you are loved, you’re not an entrepreneur, you’re not disruptive enough.“
ViaEuropa is especially interested in the emerging markets both in Africa and South america. Birgersson cites a study that shows that in developing countries 1% increase in broadband penetration results in a 3% extra GDP growth.
Jonas Birgersson is a serial entrepreneur, he founded Bredbandsbolaget, framfab and is also CEO of the Swedish broadband company Labs2, based in Lund. In order to make the world an even more interesting place, his advice is: „If you have talent, use it to the maximum potential you have!“

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