June 12, 2011 Triathlon participants, vendors, village workers and event staff volunteers started arriving around at 5:30am at Kingsland Point Park. It was a cool gray day on the Hudson, perfect weather for Triathlon event.

The route began with a 880 yards swim from the Kingsland Point Park beach then on to a 10.14 mile bike ride through the Village, ending with a 3.01 mile run back to Kingsland Point Park finish line.

“Volunteers made this event possible” We had a record number of people out here today, 425 in all, Said Dennis Chilemi, Executive Director. Lukemia & Lymphoma Society. Dennis Chilemi, Executive Director of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Dr Richard Giordano of Sleepy Hollow Physical Therapy who co-initiated the idea for the first Sleepy Hollow Sprint Triathlon in 2009, teamed for this 2011 event. Bruce Campbell, Sleepy Hollow Trustee representing the Village at the event said “ When this started two years ago, we thought it was a wonderful idea, we thought it would be a nice "little" community event but this year it got bigger--it was wonderful.” The event drew contestants and fans from New Rochelle, Putnam County, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut and Europe. Louis De’Zessar, came all the way from Paris, France with six friends to participate in the Sleepy Hollow Sprint Triathlon.

Robert Ryan, Sleepy Hollow said “ the race goes just by my house. I’ve been doing triathlons since 1982 and today I was third in my age group.” Larry Doyle, local businessman children attend Sleepy Hollow High School, said his daughter was running and his wife was participating in the bike and run portion of the race. "

It was a wonderful day for the community." Joe Praino, Jay Duggan and Courtney Calahan worked together as relay team. Joe Praino explained that “Courtney Callahan kicked butt in the water, Jay brought us home in the race and he had given them a lead on the bike.”

Dr. Richard Giordano said: “It was an even bigger event this year and we raised almost $80,000.” He thanked the Village administration, the Mayor, the Village departments and volunteers saying: “We could not do it without you.

By Sunny McLean
Community Media Center Channel 15
Sleepy Hollow Tarrytown News

Local Sleepy Hollow Tarrytown participants


Joseph Scarpati- 18
Sleepy Hollow
3rd Place Males 1-19

Nicholas Grala- 24
Sleepy Hollow
1st Place Males 20-24

Colleen McGlynn- 19
Sleepy Hollow
2nd Place Females 1-19

Karen Blank- 23
Sleepy Hollow
1st Place Females 20-24

Becky Zifchock- 32
Sleepy Hollow
3rd Place Females 30-34

Amy Passingham- 45
2nd Place Females 45-49

Katharine Brown- 61
1st Place Females 60-64

Jeanne Silverman- 61
2nd Place Females 60-64

Relay Teams:

Princess, 1:08:53

Sweet Grass, 1:12:17

Praino, 1:13:48

Praino Team
1:13:48 Race Results results.active.com/pages/displayNonGru.jsp?rsID=112072 Map maps.google.com/maps?q=+Sleepy+Hollow+New+York+&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Sleepy+Hollow,+Westchester,+New+York&z=13

The video of the 2011 Triathlon coverage was produced by
Community Media on Hudson
Sleepy Hollow-Tarrytown
Channel 15

Production crew
Peter Yannatunono
Adam Becker
Sunny McLean

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