'£OV€ B¥T€$' by RootCat
(june-september 2011)

According to Jonathan Lipman (Glitternext art manager) about the '£OV€ B¥T€$' exhibit : ...Quickly afterwards “Pack Men Invaders”, a drawing collection devoted to the famous video games icons of the 80's: the Pacman and the Space Invaders, revisited with the incredible touch of simplicity, a skilful compromise between ASCii art and mathematical combinations.
Today, trough the “£OV€ B¥T€$” exhibition, RootCat proposes to us a before taste of 'TypoArt' and 'WordsWonder'.
'£OV€ B¥T€$' is the first exhibition of the ROOTCAT's new acrylics canvas collection. Carried out a painting technique starting, this time, from wild conjugations of dedicated filters and minimalists software developed by its care and finding foundation into typographical art...
The ROOTCAT's '£OV€ B¥T€$' exhibition, initially entitled '£OV€ $LAV€R¥ £ADI€$', is a rough and tough images mixup turned into mysterious canvas: celluloid heroes, movie stars (white, black and blue), personalities and anons, together on a the same dance floor.
'£OV€ B¥T€$'(and for your eyes… only) is promoted by Glitternext all this summer all over the Internet, amplified by rudimentary honky ponky videos and diaporamas trailers. We hope you'll enjoy and that ROOTCAT's new typo style will hustling and titillating some of those boring contemporary eroticart's codes with the violence of its brushstroke. The hook in your book, your book of love. Thus stay tuned." © 2011 copyart control glitternextcom — some rights reserved (all of this and even less).

NB. This first trailer's stamped DIAsPORAMA as a tribute to the smart social network DIASPORA.... see you soon here or there... YW

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