Charlie and Amanda an unsigned band from Bath.
An experiment in re-creating a studio recording using external locations to record the live performances which we filmed for the video. The drums were recorded and shot in a bathroom at the Bath College, the guitar on a nearby hill and in a friends lock-up mid studio conversion, the bass in the performance hall at Bath College and the vocals in the old railway tunnels under Green Park Station in Bath.
Shot mostly on a JVC 100 and on early low model DSLR Fuji cameras because this was what was available to us and the low resolution and auto film functions on the stills cameras were some how appealing in the end.
The band played while listening to a mix of the track on headphones and were recorded on PMD600 Marantz TV sound recorders with stereo XLR inputs and were later mixed by Jake Lock the bass guitar and a sound engineer.
The Charlie and Amanda characters and graphics were created by Chris Caeser.

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