Shot by Ryan Davis, Justin Shreeve, Joe Ayala, Sully Sullivan

One of the advantages to building your race car at PSI, is their ability to hook you up in ways you wouldn't think possible. Like getting you a 40 acre parking lot, a pro driver and an entire fabrication/tuning staff on hand to help refine your skills and car set-up.

Andrew Coomes for many of you that don't know him is a young guy from the Northwest, making his way up the ranks in the drifting scene. He, like many successful race car drivers, has a family willing to support him, a friend group that stays by his side and a race team that happens to know what their doing.

He has recently taken a first place finish at the Pro-Am round one in Monroe Washington. And is eagerly looking forward to the next battle, which soon could land him in a spot at Formula D.

Stay tuned to see how Andrew Coomes takes on PGP and Justin Pawlak's next visit to Oregon in July.

Beirut - La Llorona
RJD2 - Under the Hammer (Instrumental)
Oasis - Wonderwall
edIT - If you CRUMP stand up

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