The Visegrádi Mountains had been formed by the virtue of a strong volcanic activity about 15-14 million years ago in Hungary.
The RÁM Gorge int he side of RÁM Hill is an especially beautiful part of the Three Spring Valley. As you walk along the tourist trail in the Gorge the most spectacular geological values of the National Park appear.
The narrow walley with its steep walls reveals the different volcanic layers. In the soft tuff high and vertical walls have been developed. On those lava layers which are more resistant to water rapids and waterfalls emerged.
The cleft itself is a volcanic origin, roughly north-south running canyon. Depth in many places exceeds 35 m, while at times the width of 3 m or below. Water constantly flows through the gorge, which is melting and more rain during the swelling stream.

This area gave an opportunity for me to test Technicolor Cinestyle accessory in my Canon 550D camera.
In proportion to the bright and shaded areas this accessory can be used easily. It was neccessary
to set the colour saturation and the contrast during the cutting works, but it was not a big problem with Edius program.

Music by Tangram, album The Long Walk - Forest Walk.
Tangram invites you to a long walk from the city, through the desert, the mountain to the forest. Relaxing, meditative soundscapes, from the Hungarian ambient producer Peter Fabok.

I hope you enjoyed, thank you for watching.

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