With text by Gina Moxley, directed by Gavin Quinn, designed by Aedin Cosgrove and performed by Ned Dennehy, Aoife Duffin, Bush Moukarzel and Gina Moxley.

The death of the Fairy Tale. Can we live in a world without fairy tales?

I’ll begin with a confession, Let’s pretend. I enjoy telling lies. I wanted to eat a child. All to myself. They found my fantasies offensive, pathological, be careful what you wish for…… I was not born a bold girl. I became one. Where did being good ever get anyone? Witch fulfillment if you like.

The Crumb Trail is a decamerous contemporary installation/performance piece dealing with the notion of crisis and engagement. It is a play area where theatrical stuff is shown to the public: made up Films/ Live things all arranged and prearranged for different performances.

Following a highly successful 6 week residency at the Hebbel Theater in Berlin and a rehearsal showing at the Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival, Pan Pan’s newest production premiered at the FFT in Dusseldorf, Germany on the 20 November 2008.

It travels to PS122 in New York in January as part of the Coil Festival - more information from PS122.ORG

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