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Devil's island is a bitter sweet tale of Iceland in the fifties. Life is rough in Reykjavik's post-war slum of Camp Thule, where the abandoned US military barracks have been turned into makeshift homes. Struggling wives and their hard-working husbands try to make ends meet. The younger generation dreams of dollars, Rock'n'Roll and the American way of life. To celebrate or to drown their misery - they're never short of a good reason to booze. Devil's island vividly depicts the everyday life of a wacky family, their neighbors and friends and shows how some of their dreams come true and others don't.

ANGUS WOLFE MURRAY of (Scotland) The Scotsman * * * * * August 1997

“FRIDRIKSSON is a master filmmaker, whose inventive imagination, visual flair and sense of the absurd melds perfectly in this classic tale of a community drawn together by hardship, tragedy, sexual misadventure and jive music. All human life is here. Behaving badly. “

ALAN MORRISON of (Scotland) The List * * * * August 1997

“.......(Devil’s Island)...... confirms FRIDRIK THOR FRIDRIKSSON’s growing stature in world cinema.”

“ Personal stories are woven through the ensemble drama as a collection of poverty-stricken families struggle with life in the 50s, and a slow-burning sympathy emerges for certain individuals. The look and tone of the film are in perfect harmony..."

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