The following panel was given at the 10th annual conference of International Funders for Indigenous People.

Facilitated by Sonja Swift, of the Swift Foundation. Panelists include Pennelys Droz Goodshield of Sustainable Nations, Martin Von Hildebrand of Gaia Amazonas, and Roberto Marin, of the Association of Indigenous Leaders of the Pira Paraná river (ACAIPI).

In the face of climate change the risk of the Amazon forest disappearing is more serious than ever. On the Pira Parana River in the Northwest Colombian Amazon various initiatives and indigenous led research projects are underway that serve as tools to reaffirm ancestral knowledge and apply it to today‘s sobering circumstances.
These stories of elder-to-youth exchanges will be shared alongside the longer-term vision of Gaia Amazonas to create a corridor of indigenous territories and protected areas covering 100 million hectares, (of which 65 million hectares have already been protected). The panelists will highlight how responding to climate change through preserving biological and cultural diversity is a means for adaptation.
Participants will leave with a more tangible understanding of how conservation is due to human care. They will learn about the various methodologies the tribes of the Pira Paraná River are using to strengthen their autonomy, educate their youth and protect their territories. Moreover they will see how preserving ecological knowledge and cultural tradition is part in parcel of resource management and forging resilience in the face of climate change.
Also on this panel, Pennelys Goodshield will help participants gain an understanding of the language of resilience theory, how it is being used to impact policy for systemic change, and how the language of resilience can be utilized to support Indigenous national defense and sustainable development in a more accurate and community-empowering manner. She will be sharing her work in Mexico.

Produced by Cultural Survival
Music by the Cordillera People's Alliance

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