1 dancer. 3 bodies. 4 arms. Cabaret grotesque.

In this video we deconstruct the traditional lines of Flamenco in order to rebuild a new body. The footage has been altered, fused and deconstructed and reconstructed it into a new dance. The image will never be exactly as it was before. The eye, longing for the memory of what it once saw, inevitably tries to complete and correct fragmented images into a harmonious whole. By dissecting the body and dissolving Flamenco's very defined lines, we explore another way of seeing dance and question the limits of the body itself. Re-translating Flamenco, questioning tradition and exploring the boundaries between art and technology is central to this work.

Choreography for the brain and eyes set to a mechanical drone and repetitive strings. The soundtrack for a struggle between the different layers of self involved in an endless transformation. We seek to discover the possible connections and analogies between different materials and genres and are curious to explore new ways of expression that can go beyond the rigid format of conventional filmmaking, choreography or theater performance.

Dance: Anna Natt
Video and Audio (music): Dalia Castel


Miss Enabyme is a Berlin based artistic collaboration between Anna Natt and Dalia Castel. 
Anna is a flamenco dancer and performance artist, Dalia is a filmmaker and an editor. Together they seek to extend the boundaries of their own genres by creating impossible movement  through the use of video and utilizing video as a protagonist in performance. 
Their approach is playful and experimental without compromising the aesthetics or standards of the work.  Open to various work methods, google and wikipedia have become important tools for their projects.  
They are currently working on a year long project consisting of monthly "mini-projects" or series and look forward to future collaborations with other artists.

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