An iRobot Create (the $150 hobbyist version of the popular Roomba robot), lightwriting "hello world" as encoded in Graffiti Markup Language (GML; see The video is sped up 4x.

The robot executes the GML tag in an "offline" mode (from a stored file), though real-time control is also possible. Drawing commands are sent over WiFi from a Processing applet to an Arduino wired to the robot. Maximum payload of the robot is 5lbs. All source code and schematics will be released shortly.

The drawing is made through open-loop feedback, which is to say, there is no visual or positional feedback to the drawing system, and errors therefore accumulate. Calibration of the robot is recommended beforehand.

Project personnel:
Golan Levin: GML parsing; project management.
David Sanz Kirbis: Arduino development and wireless protocols.
Paul Miller: Processing software and robot control.
Evan Roth and Matthew Gray: Instigation.

This project was made possible through support from Manuela Veloso of the CMU Robotics Institute. Produced at the CMU STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, Pittsburgh.

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