This is another work i did for my Master graduation.
We were asked to create an experimental video or a video art clip based on typography, representing an emotion, a feeling or any other word related to human sensorial activities. (at least this was my interpretation)

I chosed the word "Disturbia", and Garamond as typography. Although, "Disturbia" is not considered a word, it worked for me as a derivation of the word Disturb, wich was the concept behind the clip.
Typography works as the main conductor of the narrative, each letter has a role and the word builds itself along the video.

The sound is a remix of Tobias Lilja of Hecq's Steeltongued track. (I had to make one or another edit in the sound)

Check out my Behance account for some stills: Quasar

Camera: Canon 5D MkII
Lens: Canon EF 100mm f2.8L

Big thanks to my friend Vanea (and to her strong countryside stomach) who gave me a hand on this.

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