Directed by Felicia Heykoop.
Edited by Kevin Ulrich.
Cinematography: Ricky Norris

Still is a film about loss, something that everyone can relate to in one way or another. This film was a challenge to shoot, as so much of what they are going through is not said, but rather felt, in which the camera movement, lighting, and grade really need to further that feeling.

I was the Director of Photography for this short. It took us nearly a year from Pre-Pro to Post, and I had a great crew to make it look the way it should. I am so grateful for my crew: gaffer Daniel Mcnutt, could not have made this film without him, my first ac Chris Daniel, my operator Joey Kennedy, and several others.

Spent quite a bit of time in Apple Color (RIP) on this one, really wanted the grade to present the atmosphere of what they were feeling.

Red One, Zeiss Super Speeds, 2.35:1

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